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Gambling on Football Games

Gambling on Football Games

Gambling on Football Games. Football is an interesting sports game which is offered at the gambling casino site. The game itself is usually played with eleven players each on either side. Players have been able to make money by gambling on this famous sports game that is common in most of the online casino site. The game is played nearly every day thus the players are assured of the availability of the games at the sport betting sites to play in order to make money on a daily basis. Placing the bets on this game is somehow simple but for the players to play it successfully they are required to have knowledge about the team they are betting on and the advantage of several types of betting to be used in gambling. Some of the betting options used in football betting are very easy thus advantage to the players.

Some of the football betting types

Handicap; this is the type of football betting in which the teams that are favoured to win the game are assigned with some negative goals prior to the start of the game. For example, a game can be assigned -3 before the game started. Players betting on such a team will have to be paid their money if the team will have the capability of scoring goals that will have to cover the spread if they were to be awarded a prize at the casino.

Total full-time; here the player will have to predict if the game will have an end when the goals scored between the two teams is over a certain value or under that particular value. The value is always offered by trusted soccer site.

Total half time; players also have the option of placing their bets predicting the totals that will have been scored at the end of half time mark.

Money line bet; the players also have the option of predicting whether the games will have to end when the home team is the winner, away team being the winner or the game would end in a draw outcome.

Double chance; double chance is one of the easiest gambling bet on football where the players are required to choose two outcomes in one bet. Home/away imply that either home team or away team would win the game if the home team wins the match the gambler is paid off the money likewise if the away team wins the game the player will be awarded the prize. Home/draw under this bet the player will have to be awarded the prize if the home team wins the game or if the game ended in a draw. Away/draw the player predict that the game will end either with the away team being the winner or draw.

Correct score; this bet is a little bit hard to predict but the odds of such a bet are very high which would result in the players being paid a lot of money. Here the players are supposed to make a prediction about the actual score that is expected in the game. If the player predicts the game to end 1-1 and it ends 2-2 it will have to result in player losing his or her bet.

Both teams to score; this is another bet that is familiar in a football game. Here the player predicts that both the teams playing will have to see the net of the opponent. If the game ended without a score, the player will lose his or her bet. Taking an example Manchester playing against Liverpool in English premier league if the two teams score against each other in that particular match the player who decided to place such a bet will have to win it.