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Geoff Hall is the founder of this powerful Blackjack variation game. He however gave it to shuffle master to improve and develop the game nicely so that a lot of players can see the excellence in the game. It is played from 8 decks of 42 cards each. The game has been created with an addictive nature to make players have the thirst of wanting to make more money at all times in the casinos. When the dealer shows bad card, that is when players can start making money. Although there are rules that make some player’s strategy to die, it is a game that many has made millions from it.

Know more about one BlackJack Double Attack and Ace the high score

The 21 blackjack and the double attack blackjack differ in the way cards are dealt with in each game. After the cards have been dealt to the players, the first card is normally shown to the dealer. You can double the size of your bet by adding the same amount like the one that you initially placed. This act of doubling up your bet is what is referred to as the double attack Blackjack which is the best way to ensure that you have maximum winnings at all times.

From there, players get the additional cards facing down while the dealer will receive and extra card facing down. Should it happen that the dealers card that faces up is an ace, the players are supposed to purchase and insurance which pays 5:2 in the event that the dealer has a natural blackjack. It is then the turn of the dealer to check the hole card. If it is a face card and no I insurance has been issued the same sequence follows. The hand ends if the dealer has a blackjack and all players who do not have a blackjack loses except for the players that have a blackjack.

If the dealer has no blackjack, all the players with insurance lose and the game proceeds as it is. However, players will always have options of doubling up to only two cards, splitting up to four cards except for Aces which can only split once. Note that doubling up should be the same size as the initial bet and surrendering is allowed at any time with half the stake refunded back to the owner to make the necessary moves. You can win big money only if you play nicely at all times.

Side bets are also available in the double attack Blackjack where people can bet on the Bust it bet. If the player bust with three cards, this bet pays. For premiums and the VIPs, this bet pays people 220 to 1 in all the event that there will be a combination of three 8s at all times. Every time the dealer shows 2-8 card, the best move is to make the double attack bet. Take the maximum possible risk when the up card is not a nine, an Ace or a face card.

In my own opinion, I would not recommend an insurance bet unless you are 100% certain of the results. This is what makes everything to be super fine at all times. You can ensure that you make the necessary moves by learning the tutorials so that you make the most out of everything that you play with. If you play the game nicely, then you can even win the jackpots which is worth millions of dollars at all times. The house edge on insurance varies from house to house but mostly it is not below 12.8% which is very discouraging because it makes the game poor.