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Progressive Jackpot – This is a jackpot for gaming machine played at the gambling site usually offered with slot games and video poker games. The value of a progressive jackpot keeps on increasing unless it is being won by a player in the game. A progressive jackpot is a type of game played at the Spadegaming E-Games that would result in the players being offered big prize because the prize would increase to a big amount before one win it. There are a number of the casino machines that are being linked together in order to form a large progressive jackpot that would result to the progressive jackpot to become huge at a faster rate; the rate of the progressive jackpot will have to grow faster because there are a multiple of player who will be placing their wagers thereby contributing it to grow faster.

 Learn the best strategies in this Progressive Jackpot

Learn the best strategies in this Progressive Jackpot

Know more about Progressive jackpot meter

The amount of the jackpot prize is always displayed on the meter in which the value of the money is being indicated plus with the currency. For the players to the jackpot, they are required to match the winning combination by the highest payout an example of the winning combination supposed to win a progressive jackpot is flush in the video poker game. In the slot machine game, the combinations needed to hit a progressive jackpot are valuable symbols which include cherries, lemons alligators among many others. When the jackpot is won by a player in the game is being reset to the possible minimum value of the jackpot and the process of increasing starts again once more as the players continue betting.

For every amount of money that is placed on the connected machine, it results to the increase of the progressive jackpot with a certain small amount of money. The amount to be increased to a jackpot is being determined by the casino website. Each casino has different progressive jackpot offered on its website.

The casino would actually make some profit from the progressive games because of the following reasons;

  • Of the entire amount being placed on the machines that are linked to the jackpot, only small amount are being transferred to increase the jackpot and the rest go to the house.
  • A large amount of the jackpot that is being offered as a result of increasing the amount of the prize, there are many motivated players who join the casinos thus making the players be more and hence more money is being spent at the casino that increases the revenue of the online gambling site.

Qualification for the jackpot prize

For players to qualify to be entitled to the progressive jackpot they are required to wager the maximum amount of money on the progressive jackpot games. The entire amount that wagered on the machines that are connected to the progressive jackpot whether maximum or not is used to increase the prize of the jackpot. Players who happen to place the amount that is not maximum on such games will just tend to increase the prize of the jackpot for other players who will win it at their expenses.

Advantage play

Players who happen to only play the progressive jackpot would have to know that still contribute to the revenue that is made by the casino owners. The players in this situation actually have the advantage over the casino because when they win, they will have to win a big prize but still the casino owners also make the money at the casino; this phenomenon makes the progressive jackpot games to become unique to any other games offered at the online casino.