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Just like any other game, blackjack numerous of variations that players can play on. Most of these variations are based on the first initial cards that players get when the game is starting at all times. The initial cards could be from the player, the dealer or both of them. Associated house edges are always higher than the normal ones on these side bets. Additional funds can be added on to make the side bets which means that a lot of them are easy to bet on at all times once you have extra cash.

Below are some of the examples of the side bets.

The 21+3 side bet. This is one of the lucrative side bets that its payout is determined by player’s first two cards plus a dealer’s up card. If the three cards form a flash, a straight flash or three of a kind, then the bet will end up paying from 9 to 1 which means it is a good deal to play on. The house edge is normally 3.2% but some extreme versions pay differently on the flush bets and straight flush side bets.

Pair square game. Popularly known as bet the set side bet which offers maximum payouts to the lucky ones. If one is lucky to get the pair then the payout is somewhere between 12 and 1 which the house edge that is deducted is normally 3.3% making this bet to be among the highly treasured ones.

The cowboys and Cowgirls. Players have the opportunity to bet nicely on either of the side bet. The cowboy bet pays even money when the dealer’s up card is red card other than a three. If it is a king or a queen, it will pay 3 to 2. The cowgirl will pay even money when the dealer’s up card is black other than three. House edge on either side bet is normally 3.85% but sometimes casinos may make this value to vary depending on the kind of a game being played. Match the dealer. This is even practiced in the 21 table. The player wins if his or her first two cards are of the same type as the dealer’s up card. This is what makes you to win at all times. For unsuited cards, the bet pays 4 to1, for suited cards the bet pays from 8 to 1. The house edge here is 4.06%.

Perfect pair, High or low and Royal match are among the side bets that are offered in the casinos. You need to be sure to know the rules to ensure that you choose any side bet. The payouts are different in every house bet and therefore it is good to learn the rules for you to be sure of what you are betting. Having the perfect information about side bet is what is going to make you emerge victoriously at all times. Just ensure that you bet perfectly at all times to win the bets.

In our casino, we offer bonuses to many side bets so that you become victoriously at all times. You can enjoy making more money by simple stakes that you put on the wagers at all times. Betting is more fun when you get a lot of cash from betting. Once you bet on the side bet, it is obvious that you should be so keen to ensure that you notice when you win the game. Go to the tutorials to ensure that you become an expert before you play this kind of a game at all times.