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This is a variant of lowball poker game in which the normal poker ranking is inverted. There are a number of several variants of lowball which are as a result of difference which is brought by whether the aces are taken as high cards or low cards and also whether the straights and flushes are used or not.

Lowball is a game of chance played at the gambling site for real money. The hands used in the playing of this game are used inverted hands of the normal poker hands. Three methods are used in the ranking of the hands in this game; these methods include ace -to -five -low, deuces -to –seven –low and ace – to- six- low. Ace- to- five low is

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Ace- to- five low is most common method used. The game has a sub-variant within it category which is known as high – low poker in which the pot is supposed to be split into two halves whereby the player with high hand takes the half of the pot and the player with the lowest hand taking another half of the pot.

Straights or flushes in the game sometimes are used to determine which hand is the highest one in the game but does not determine the lowest hand in the game.

Variants of lowball poker

Ace- to –five lowball and the deuce- to –seven are the most popular forms of lowball played at the online casinos. The name given to Ace- to –five lowball is derived as a result of its best hand is in the form of 5-4-3-2-A.

In this variation straights and flushes does not play part in preventing the hand from being low in the game. The player wins the game just by having the lowest five cards in his or her hand.


This is one of the common methods used to evaluating the low hands in the poker game.

Pairs in this game count against the player. Any hand in that lack pairs in this game defeats the hand with a pair, a hand with one pair is likely to defeat a hand with two pairs or three of a kind.


This is a poker hand variant of lowball poker game in which it does not have to put into consideration the suit.

In ace- to –five low in which aces are permitted to play as low and straights and whereby the flushes are not counted in the game for the low hand determination the best suitable hand in the game.

In the game where the lower hand player and higher hand player do share the winning this would be both the best low hand and also a competitive high hand.


This method is not usually used as the other method; but the method is commonly in the poker games that are played at home. In the lowball that use this method pairs and trips are always considered to be bad

; any hand in the game that lack a pair would have to win against any hand in the game that have a pair, a hand in the game that has a pair of cards would win when played against a hand that has two pairs or trips in the game.


This game is sometimes called Kansas City Lowball. The game the vice versa of the standard normal poker game in that the hand which is high in the game lose the pot.

As it is in all lowball games, the game follows that the pairs and trips are considered to be the bad hand in the game. Hand that has no pair would defeat the hand with a pair.