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A spade game is card game which can be played either a partnership or solo cutthroat game at the casino sites. The goal of the game being players taking at least the number of tricks that were normally bid prior to the start of the game, the game is a variant of whilst a family of card games.  The game is usually played with two or more players and in partnership the game is played with four players which are always in pairs. Spade game has a standard 52-card deck; it can also be played one or two jokers. Under the rank of the suit the spades is always at the front line. The rank of the cards ranges from the highest to the lowest. To win the game one has to score generally 500. Points are always awarded by winning at least the number of bids which are being bid by player in each of the game and the score points are also lost by the players failing to take at least the number of the tricks that were bid prior to the start of the game.

Rules used in the dealing of cards and making bids.

The dealer is first chose by a draw for the 1st spade or high card and afterwards the deal has to be passed to the dealer’s left after the end of each hand. The cards are being shuffled by the dealer and the player who is far right hand side of the player is given a chance of cutting the card as a way of preventing the dealer to stack the deck. Then the cards in the deck are then dealt to the players while facing up one card at a time in a clockwise direction. After every player have received an appropriate number of cards the players are supposed to take their cards and make sure that they have received the right number and then each player will have to arrange the cards in a desired way ready to play the game.

In the game there is also mislead that can occur. This situation is when all players have not get the right number of cards or one or more players have been dealt with cards out of the turn. This situation can actually be discovered by players immediately after counting of the cards. At sometimes the situation can be discovered during the play of a hand.

Making of the bids

After the players have received their cards and confirmed everything is okay, they are required to make bids which they expect to take in the game. Making of the bids starts with the player who is on the left hand side of the dealer and the process proceeds in a clockwise direction and it end with the dealer making his or her bid.

Blind and nil bids

These are the common variants of the bidding which are meant for a player or partnership to make a blind bid, without the players having looking at their cards and thereby make statement that the players will not supposed to take a single trick in the game.

How the game is played

The hands in this each consist of tricks. The player left hand side of the player makes the opening of the game and the game continues in the clockwise. The trick is being won by the player who played the highest rank value of cards. The player who wins the game collects the cards and arranges them into the face-down and thus the players are permitted to count the number of tricks.