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The game starts with the being casted as a martial arts student under the guidance of Master Li, who is the head of the two rivers martial arts school, which is based in the golden delta.. This is all about how to try your luck here in this Jade Empire online slot machine, that there are many big wins.There was an interruption of the training of the player as there was an attack of the town of the two rivers from an aggressor in a strange ship, who instructed the ghosts to attack the student.

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Chapter 1: Two RiversAfter the battle, the attacker was defeated by the master Li, who eventually had come to rescue the student. Later there was clarification that the attacker was from lotus Assassins.

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Try your luck here in this Jade Empire online slot machine

There was a rival to the student called Gao the Lesser issued a challenge in which he lost. As a result he was expelled from the school after his attempts to use explicitly forbidden magic on the student were known. Later on the Master Li made explanation claiming that the student is the last of the order of spirit monks. The Master sends the student to a cave which is beneath the school, in which the student finds part of a spirit monk amulet.

Chapter 2: Tien’s Landing

After chapter 1, the party crash-lands their machine in Tien’s Landing and thus sets to search a new flier and wind a map that will show them way that would lead them to the Imperial City. There is a new flyer which is known as Marvelous Dragonfly, that is being taken from the base of Gao the Greater, who is the father of the dead student in the first chapter.

The party proceeds to a recently drained area near Tien’s Landing, which is being flooded. The lotus assassins opened the constructed with an aim of looking for the ruins of the old Tien’s Landing. Then there was a fighting where the student fought the Chai Ka, who was a demon bound in the body of a small girl. Later on the student learned that Chai Ka was sent to provide security to him. Due to the protection, the student now closes the dam completely or he destroys the controls, keeping it to be open forever.

After that the player then goes to the Great Southern Forest, the forest that is being owned by Lord Yun. Here the player will have an option of helping Forest Shadow in defeating a demon known as Mother or will also have an option of helping Mother in destroying the Forest Shadow. In both cases the player can convince Lord Yun that his forest is being recovering and thus he get his wind map. The player would be ambushed by the Inquisitor Lim at this point of the game, the player would have to kill him and thus recover a piece of the amulet

Chapter 3: Imperial City

In the city of imperial, here there is Silk Fox who is revealed to the player to Princess Lian daughter to the Emperor. There was sickness and plagues in the land which is believed to be behind her father but she remains unconvinced and instead believe that lotus assassins are behind it. At this there was side quest at this point.

Chapter 4: Imperial Palace

At the Emperor’s throne room the fight continues, this is after Silk Fox realized what her father did. The Emperor knocked everyone present down. Then the Emperor summoned the guards to attack the student in which he defeated them. The player proceeds by killing the Emperor, who was capable of alternating fighting styles but the Master Li kills the student and takes the jade heart for himself.